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Save Your Money by Using Procter and Gamble Online Offers

Coupons can be found and used for any of P&Gs many products to help your budget.

It was a father’s concern for his daughters that started P&G!

A “little persuasion” from a father-in-law got candle maker, William Procter, and soap maker, James Gamble (married to sisters) to start their business in 1837 as partners and mark the birth of Procter and Gamble. From then on it grew, product by product, and now is one of the Fortune 500 companies.

Below is an overwhelming list of Procter and Gamble Brands.

How many of these products do you regularly buy?

How much money do you now spend on them all?

Lots of opportunities to save BIG money here using coupon clipping and free trials offers!

Align (Probiotics)
Alldays Feminine hygiene
Always Feminine hygiene
Ariel laundry detergent
Art of Shaving Men’s shaving products
Aussie Haircare (shampoos/conditioners/styling aids)
Blue Stratos Cologne
Bold Laundry Detergent
Bounce fabric-softener sheets
Bounty paper towels
Braun – small-appliances
Camay bath soap
Cascade dishwasher detergent
Cheer laundry detergent
Charmin bathroom tissue
Christina Aguilera Luxury fragrance for young women
Clairol hair coloring, hair spray, shampoo, hair conditioner
CoverGirl color cosmetics
Crest anti-cavity and whitening toothpastes
Dawn dishwashing detergent
Daz Laundry Detergent
Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula, skincare
Dolce & Gabbana colognes
Downy fabric softener and dryer sheets
Dreft laundry detergent
Dunhill Luxury Fragrance for men
Duracell batteries
Era liquid laundry detergent
Escada Luxury Fragrance for women
Eukanuba premium dog and cat foods
Fairy dishwashing liquid, toilet soap, household soap, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent
Febreze odor eliminator
Fibresure Vegetable Supplements
Fixodent Denture adhesive
Flash Household Cleaning
Fusion five blade cartridge and razors
Gain liquid dishwashing detergent

Gillette razors, shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, deodorant and anti-perspirant
Gleem toothpaste
Gucci colognes
Head & Shoulders shampoo
Herbal Essences Haircare
High Endurance body washes, deodorants by Old Spice
Hugo Modern, Luxury Fragrances
Hugo Boss colognes
Iams dog and cat food
Infacare Baby Bath
Ivory soap
Joy dishwashing liquid
Lacoste colognes
Lenor fabric softener
Luvs disposable diapers
Max Factor cosmetics
Metamucil Healthcare dietary fiber
Natura Pet Products which include Innova, Evo, California Natural, Karma, Healthwise and Mother Nature
Mr. Clean household cleaning products
Nice n Easy hair color product
Nicky Clarke hair products
Olay Personal and beauty products
Old Spice colognes, deodorants, body washes, body sprays
Oral-B inter-dental products
Pampers disposable diapers
Pantene haircare products
Prilosec OTC heartburn medicine
Puffs tissues
PUR Water Filtration
Safeguard anti-bacterial soap and liquid anti-bacterial hand soap
Scope mouthwash
Secret deodorant, body sprays
Sebastian Professional hair cosmetics
Silvikrin Haircare
SK-II beauty products
Swiffer cleaning products
Tampax tampons
Tide laundry detergents
Tip powder laundry detergent
Viakal Cleaning products
Vicks Healthcare
Wella hair care
Zirh Men’s Skin Care

Coupons are usually not available for EVERY product all the time, but waiting to buy until you snag a money off offer is very doable. Stock up. Plan ahead. All of those little (and sometimes big… or even FREE) savings add up to some serious coin!

Procter and Gamble’s biggest sellers are the one’s that YOU are most likely to buy. Fortunately, these same best sellers have the most deals available.

With the stature the company has, Proctor and Gamble needs no introduction, BUT… The company now is divided into three business units.  Beauty and Grooming, Household Care, and Health and Well-Being. Not only does it provide a wide range of brands, it also offers huge savings on them from time to time.

There are unending offers from Procter & Gamble. This week it be Swiffer cleaning products. Next week it might be Charmin, Gillette, Cover Girl, Crest, Dial, Cascade, Mr. Clean or many other products of theirs. They offer a booklet of P and G Coupons, once in a month, through their monthly newspaper P&G brand saver. Generally this is circulated on the first Sunday of every month.

Another way of getting valuable discounts is by registering at the Procter and Gamble Brand Sampler, upon which one would receive offers directly in their mailbox.

One can also get a flat discount of 10 % on most of the products offered by Procter and Gamble by buying them online at their store and entering a coupon code. They also offer a  loyalty card on which one can download coupons and print them. These coupons can be downloaded from their website. They also can be downloaded from many other websites. Once printed they can be used at any store stocking their brand. One constraint that these coupons have is the expiry date. All coupons come with a valid time period beyond which the offers are not accepted. Other than this, enjoy a great bonus and some family monthly savings.

Procter and Gamble Coupons